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Dr. Lauren Papa

Dr. Lauren Papa

Meet Lauren Papa, a Southern California soul with an artistic flair. A 56-year-old mother of five and recent grandmother of twins, she surprised herself with a 40th birthday concert that sparked her passion for performance. Embracing her love for dance and music, Lauren combines her talents to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which resonates with her philanthropic spirit. Her journey weaves a tapestry of art, compassion, and giving back.

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Step into the captivating narrative of Dr. Lauren Papa, a multi-talented Californian whose life weaves a rich tapestry of artistry, compassion, and philanthropy. With 56 years of life experience, Lauren’s path is a testament to embracing unexpected twists and finding purpose in each chapter.

As a dedicated mother of five, including a child with special needs, Lauren’s journey is one of profound love and unwavering commitment. The recent addition of twin granddaughters has added new dimensions of joy and fulfillment to her life, inspiring her to continue her pursuit of making a positive impact.

The turning point arrived on her 40th birthday when Lauren orchestrated a unique and memorable “Who’s Your Papa” concert. This creative endeavor allowed her to tap into her artistic roots, demonstrating her remarkable ability to rearrange and perform songs alongside choreographed dance routines. The energy was palpable as 85 individuals gathered at the illustrious Los Angeles nightclub, The Mint, to witness her magnetic performance.

Yet, her artistic endeavors are only part of the story. Lauren’s heart resonates deeply with the mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Motivated by their commitment to providing free treatment to children from around the world, regardless of language or background, Lauren has become a dedicated supporter. What sets St. Jude apart is their reliance on donations, enabling them to freely share critical research that saves lives. Lauren’s passion for the cause has driven her to blend her artistic talents with her philanthropic spirit, using her concerts to raise funds for this remarkable institution.

Lauren’s journey is a testament to the interplay of passion, purpose, and generosity. Through her concert videos and cooking tips, she shares her creativity and wisdom, inviting others to join her in making a meaningful difference. Her life narrative is a vibrant mosaic – from her Long Island roots to her Southern California spirit, from her artistic performances to her commitment to charity – all woven together to inspire and uplift those who have the privilege of encountering her story.

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