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Welcome to the world of Dr. Lauren Papa, a multifaceted individual whose journey embodies a symphony of artistry, compassion, and philanthropy. With a life well-lived at 56, Lauren’s story is an inspiring testament to embracing life’s twists and turns with an open heart and a determination to make a positive impact.

As a devoted mother of five, including a child with special needs, and a proud grandmother of twins, Lauren’s path is marked by deep love and an unyielding commitment to her family. Her journey took an unexpected artistic turn on her 40th birthday, when she orchestrated a one-of-a-kind “Who’s Your Papa” concert. This milestone ignited her passion for performance and choreography, showcasing her ability to infuse life into songs and captivate audiences.

Yet, Lauren’s story transcends the spotlight. Drawn to the noble cause of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, she has seamlessly woven her philanthropic spirit into her artistic endeavors. Impelled by St. Jude’s mission to provide free treatment to children worldwide and share critical research without reservation, Lauren has wholeheartedly aligned her concerts with fundraising efforts for this exceptional institution.

Beyond the stage, Lauren shares her creativity and wisdom through concert videos and cooking tips, inviting others to savor the joys of life alongside her. Her journey from Long Island to Southern California, from her dance minor to her 40th birthday concert, from her cherished roles as a mother and grandmother to her dedication to charity, paints a portrait of a life well-lived and a heart deeply connected to making a meaningful difference.

Join us in exploring the chapters of Lauren’s life – a fusion of artistry, compassion, and tireless dedication to giving back.

My Journey!

  • Roots and Family: Hailing from Long Island, New York, I’ve spent the majority of my life embracing the vibrant culture of Southern California. As a mother of five, including a child with special needs, and a recent grandmother of twins, my family is at the heart of my journey.
  • Artistic Awakening: A pivotal moment arrived on my 40th birthday when I curated the unique “Who’s Your Papa” concert. This event rekindled my passion for the arts, showcasing my ability to rearrange songs and infuse them with choreography that brought them to life.
  • From Dance to Philanthropy: While once obediently minoring in dance as a college student, my 40th birthday concert marked a turning point. I found myself blending my artistic talents with a desire to make a difference. I became drawn to the mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, aligning my performances with fundraising efforts for this noble cause.
  • A Philanthropic Harmony: Inspired by St. Jude’s commitment to treating children worldwide, irrespective of language or background, I’ve integrated my passion for performance with my dedication to philanthropy. The concerts I create now serve as not only artistic expressions but also avenues to support the sharing of vital research and medical care.
  • Creative Sharing: Beyond the stage, I share my creativity and wisdom through concert videos and cooking tips. These offerings invite others to savor life’s pleasures alongside me, creating connections that extend beyond the realm of performance.
  • A Life’s Mosaic: My journey paints a portrait of a life deeply enriched by unexpected turns, artistic expression, and a relentless dedication to giving back. From my Long Island origins to my role as a mother, grandmother, and advocate for St. Jude, every chapter is a thread woven into the fabric of my purposeful existence.

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